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Related ArticlesQuickly taking it in her hand, she began pumping it slowly and I felt a surge of heat flow through me at the look of pure lust on Jenna's face. Her tongue ran slowly over her lips and I held my breath as she lowered her head. Doug moaned softly as her full soft lips wrapped around the tip of his cock and it disappeared between them. I heard Jenna moan in her throat and Doug gasped as with no warning she began sucking his cock fast and hard. My eyes widened at how well she was taking him deep into her throat and I recalled her saying if her parents only knew half of what she did."Jenna, we went through this and you're wrong.""You'd like this, wouldn't you, Ia?" Elly cooed in Ia's ear, tickling her lobe. Ia shook uncontrollably. "You'd like this big, fat cock in you, huh?"Flick."What the hell?" I asked groggily. I was sleeping under a sheet in just my boxers, and I could feel Cassidy's firm young body pressed against me beneath the covers. I could also feel her hand on the waist band of my boxers, and it felt like she was trying to pull them off.
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        "You want to try again?" He pointed. "I saw this—"Ignoring the growing heat between my legs, I smiled. "Thank you, I think so." I gestured at the dance floor. "So, I like to keep him happy, and I did, and now—"Kent followed Anne out, his semi hard cock swinging before him. He paused long enough to playfully tweak one of Anne's nipples as he dashed to the kitchen to finish setting out the wine. Damn, I should have done that for him!I could hear the crackle and snap of the newly kindled fire, and a quick sideways glance revealed Anne nowhere to be seen on the love seat. I figured she was up to something with Kent, probably giving him his reward for starting the fire."I've got to get out of here," Kelly told him as she approached. "I can't stand it any more.""I think not." I said, wagging my tongue suggestively at her. I lay down on the sofa and motioned her to lie atop me."We sure are," John agreed with a big grin on his face. "I'll talk to you later today probably."Kent thought for a moment, watching them drive slowly away. "I hope they enjoyed it if they did." "Hope who enjoyed what?" Anne asked, approaching with a towel wrapped around her lithe form.


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"Sex," Kelly said emphatically, seeing him blush.It FINALLY dawned on me where this was going, and I was so surprised that it felt like the whole apartment spun for a second.Kurt looked almost disappointed, but Anja answered for him.It took a few moments for Lynn to finally come down off of her sexual high and Chris embraced her and held her tightly like they were long time lovers and Lynn reciprocated with her own embrace with Chris. So the four of us were laying there spent from fantastic orgasms. Melissa suggested that we cool off and jump in the water to rinse off the effects of the soft swap that we had just experienced. Melissa agreed and the two ladies neared the edge of the boat. Melissa told my wife to remove the bikini bottom she had on so that she could keep the scent of the day for future teasing of Chris. So the two ladies took off what little clothing they had and jumped into the water. Chris and I were still nude from our blowjobs and jumped in and joined our wives. For the next twenty minutes or so, we swam around playfully with each other. I playfully would touch Lynn and Melissa’s tits, ass and pussy as we all swam around. Apparently, Chris was doing the same thing too. And neither of the ladies seemed to mind. After a little while, we got back on the boat, Chris and I put back on our shorts and the girls put on their shorts and tank-tops. The bikinis that were a large part of afternoon’s play were exchanged and Lynn had Melissa’s bottom and Melissa had Lynn’s."Kelly, what are you doing?" he asked, shocked beyond belief."No, I don't," he replied, a big smile on his face. "Why don't you try it and find out what would happen to you."
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        Kent began pulling off his shirt. I thought Jan was going to get annoyed, which concerned me, because I really was enjoying this. Janet just grabbed the hem of her shirt, and in one swift move pulled it off over her head. She tossed the wet shirt to her husband, then unbuttoned her jeans and wriggled out of them. Not wanting to be different, I was soon in my underwear, too. Both women looked quite lovely by the bright glow thrown off by the fireplace. Like Anne, Jan's attire was damp, and her nipples were clearly visible through the bra. I could also make out the dark patch of fur through her wet panties. I grinned at my wife as we clustered around the small dinette table.We had been to this bar many times before, and I knew there was a second floor bathroom that not many people knew about or used because the second floor closed when the dinner service stopped at 10:00. "Wait one minute, then meet me upstairs in the men's room. Okay?" I asked.I'm sure a lot of people will be exasperated by my timidity at this point in my story. All I can offer in my defense is that I really did not want to screw up my living situation, and I thought a good outcome was very unlikely. I was not the type of person who this kind of stuff happened to, and I knew all this fooling around between me and Cassidy could be dangerous if it didn't go well. It turned out that I was mostly right.At last, Mistress Elly pulled back, grinning at her. “So, Trys was a redhead, right, sweetie? Super-pretty crimson hair?" She tossed her blonde hair back with a coy wink. “Which is a shame, 'cause you've always loved blondes.”"No, definitely not with me. It's just that Anne doesn't want to ruin a great friendship." I explained.I've never been able to sleep late, and despite the disturbance in the middle of the night, I was awake by 8 the next morning. I walked quietly out of my room and through the living room dimly lit with the early light of morning. On the way to fix myself breakfast in the kitchen, I noticed the strange shoes and extra pairs of keys I had seen a few hours earlier were all gone. Curious, I tip toed back down the hallway towards Cassidy's room to see if there was anything wrong."OHHHHH FUCKKK!!" Cassidy screamed, and then her hips squeezed hard against the sides of my body. I never stopped plowing my hard meat in and out of her hole, my pelvis slamming against hers as I buried myself to the root, while the juices of her orgasm began dripping out of her sex and running down my pole. Her body shook and she closed her eyes as she came hard atop me, riding my stabbing cock into a deep orgasm."And I want you to be there when I do it," Kelly added.