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"Personal space my ass," she responded, "I came with your tongue in my pussy this morning, remember?""Yes," Kelly said. "If you agree to that if I agree to try your idea.""You know you want to." She said, and gave me a little shove. I smiled to myself. She knows me too well.Those thoughts were all I needed, I felt the tingling sparks and knew I was close. "Cassidy!" I yelled, "I'm almost ready."Kent began pulling off his shirt. I thought Jan was going to get annoyed, which concerned me, because I really was enjoying this. Janet just grabbed the hem of her shirt, and in one swift move pulled it off over her head. She tossed the wet shirt to her husband, then unbuttoned her jeans and wriggled out of them. Not wanting to be different, I was soon in my underwear, too. Both women looked quite lovely by the bright glow thrown off by the fireplace. Like Anne, Jan's attire was damp, and her nipples were clearly visible through the bra. I could also make out the dark patch of fur through her wet panties. I grinned at my wife as we clustered around the small dinette table."P-please..."
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        She squealed as using both hands and gave her tiny pink nipples a pinch. I felt her back lifting off the bed and sucking her clit hard into my mouth started running my tongue across it while my fingers drove into her even harder. Jenna's thighs were trembling violently and she started thrusting her pussy into my tongue and hand as I coaxed her to cum for me again. It wasn't easy concentrating on what I was doing with Doug's big dick plunging into me, but I so wanted her to cum in my face."Becca, please." I caught her arm. "How about you just come over to the bar and sit with us for awhile. We'll talk and see if you feel comfortable. If not, forget it and...""What you say makes a lot of sense," Tom admitted. "But $1,000.00 is a lot of money.""No," I replied quietly. "Don't stop.""Oh, I am perfectly happy with just what you have on now." I told her. She had nothing on but jewelry and perfume. Her demure smile made my cock twitch.Kent stopped kidding around, and suddenly got serious about eating her tasty peach."Honey, run up and get my stockings and my Fuck Me pumps, the white ones." She said to Kent. He bolted upstairs with exaggerated haste. Janet had the white outfit Kent brought her bunched in her hand. We vacated the bathroom to allow them to shower, and went into the living room to await our visitors. Kent came bounding down the stairs with the items Jan requested. While Kent and Jan showered, Anne and I took stock of the preparations they had made. The lights were down, a fire was beginning to blaze, and the contents of the basket were now arranged attractively on small plates on the dinette table. There was even a beer for me (the big German kind I like) and Anne's Vodka/Dr. Pepper sitting out for us. Anne and I glanced at each other, wondering how they got all that done during the short time we were in the shower."Hey, I thought I made a 'No Clothes' rule." He said rather absently.


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"Well, you can be sure this is totally strange to me too," John said to him. "I mean, she's my sister.""Oh, no, no, we're not upset at all! No, don't worry about it."I lifted my gaze from her fingers and when our eyes met, a shiver ran through my body. And now? We were beyond words, because it was impossible for anyone to express everything that this made me feel. And even if they existed, I would have been unable to formulate a sentence at all. But no, we did not have to talk either, because our eyes connected and they said it all, silently but without question."What did you tell your parents about where you were going?" Tom asked as he handed them each a soda."Tell me what?" I asked warily.She put her dress on and it fit her a little more snug that she probably wanted but I thought she looked great, but she like most women was still unsure. I was able to convince her that the dress she wore was the perfect and that she looked absolutely perfect for the party. After several moments thinking and rethinking as she looked in the mirror, she noticed that due to the snug fit of her dress, her panty lines were a bit too prevalent and she decided to wear a G-string instead of her full bottom cotton underwear. She removed her dress and dropped her cotton panties bending at her waist giving me a great view of her ass. She went to her drawer and grabbed a black G-string and proceeded to put it on. Again she bent over showing me her shapely ass cheeks and as she slid her G-string up I got a quick view of her lovely pussy…. I instantly got hard thinking about her pussy being covered by that tiny piece of black lace.
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        I entered the bathroom and a fresh case of nerves assailed me. Through a stroke of luck, a quick glance told me that there was no one in the stalls and that my hopefully soon-to- be newfound friend was at the long counter fixing her hair in front of the mirror. There was one other girl there as well, but she was leaning against the wall speaking quietly into a phone and staring down at the floor, her long blonde hair hanging over her face and concealing her features. Taking a deep breath, I walked over to the counter. Standing next to the redhead, I put my purse down and removed my lipstick.I barely felt his hand on in my hair as I watched Jenna's tongue dance across the tip of his cock. I leaned closer and our tongues began to graze across each other as we licked and teased his swollen head. Jenna pressed her lips around him and I immediately did the same. I moaned softly as we kissed with Doug's spongy flesh between us. Hoping she would follow suit, I slid my lips slowly down the length of his shaft then back up again. Jenna didn't disappoint me and next time my lips took their slow journey along the length of my husband's cock, Jenna followed suit."Well," Kelly said, pressing her pelvis slightly against his leg. "I'd like the money, I guess."At last, Mistress Elly pulled back, grinning at her. “So, Trys was a redhead, right, sweetie? Super-pretty crimson hair?" She tossed her blonde hair back with a coy wink. “Which is a shame, 'cause you've always loved blondes.”Kurt and Anja, as well as Kent and Janet took note of our whispered exchange, and the apparent connection between our words and Kurt's cock.And he loved it. It felt so good to earn their praise, mocking as it was. He longed for more. More proof of their affections, no matter how double-edged.Buford smirked at the sight of her pokies, then went on with his story: "Before I reached for the funnel, I took another look at those enchanting lips. They obviously wanted to play, peeking out at me like that, and suggesting to me that they would be a helluva lot more fun to use than any old stick to clean off my boots. I couldn't argue with that, so I tried to stick the toe of my boot between them, to part them a little so I could get a better view. When I did that, you squirmed and spread your legs enough for me to get the toe in between them and then press down on them and spread them apart until they lay flat. They had blossomed beautifully, opening up like the petals of a flower. They looked so open and inviting, splayed out like that, and were just begging me to use them.""Yes, oh, yes!" Jenna moaned.


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The rivers of pleasure were exploding inside me, flowing through my cock and getting close to overwhelming me. I reached down and gently took a handful of Cassidy's soft, straight, red hair. She did not flinch or move as I wrapped her silky strands around the tip of my member."They look pretty much the same to me. You've seen a lot of them, what do you think?"Getting to her feet, she stuck her finger in her mouth and gently sucked it, tasting herself. She had quickly learned that she loved sucking on a cock, especially after it had been inside of her and was covered with her juices, and she now understood why the boys who she fucked enjoyed so much as they nibbled on her pussy. If she could reach it she'd eat herself, she thought with a grin. But what to wear today. She didn't really have any plans until tonight, just laze around the house, maybe get some sun, or just watch some TV."An all-you-can-eat buffet!" I responded, laughing before taking a sip of my drink."Rough night last night?" I asked somewhat jokingly.Anne said "I don't know, I don't keep score." Anne looked at me emphatically, knowing I kept a notebook of our "hobby".
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        "What do you do afterwards?"The next morning John got up early to do the yard work that was his chore for the weekend. He enjoyed doing this and he worked up a good sweat by the time he stopped and went into the house to join everyone else for breakfast. Kelly gave him a strange look as he sat down, but he just smiled at her, his eyes lingering on her nipples under the thin t-shirt.He quickly nodded, but his eyes were fixed on Jenna's ass as she finished her turn and faced me, asking, "Hey, can I call you Kim? I mean, I am eighteen, and we are out at a club.""Ohhh," she moaned, a dreamy look now in her eyes. Her moan and her facial expression turned me on more than her fingers slipping up and down over my wet cock.Kent was in fact fully nude, standing before my wife, who was curled up on the small sofa. He had one hand on his hip; the other clutched a large coffee mug. Anne, the magazine she'd been reading cast aside, was passionately sucking his cock. I shifted to a better position, laying prone, to spy on them. My morning hard on swelled beneath me. I watched them for several minutes. Kent alternated his admiring gaze between the beautiful view outside, and my beautiful wife before him. I noticed that Anne, too, hadn't bothered to put any clothes on this morning. Only a light blanket was dr*ped over her bare shoulders.It was hard to name the emotions churning through me, but it definitely felt like jealousy. I was uncomfortable examining how I felt, particularly as I watched Cassidy laugh and smile brightly at these two strangers. But it quickly dawned on me that I had a solution.---------Cassidy's pretty face looked up at mine, her eyes surprisingly full of gratitude. "Thanks, I really appreciate this."


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